What Our Clients Say

Jana, I just want to tell you how much I appreciate all of your hard work over the past few years. Your dedication and listening skills have helped me achieve my goals. I should say, those every changing goals, along with an aging body seemed to have brought out more determination in you in helping me achieve where I want to be. It is always enjoyable and for that I thank you.

– Leigh Vanier / Personal Training

I took Jana’s pre and post-natal fitness classes during my first pregnancy. I really appreciated her advise, knowledge and her flexibility. She adapted to everyone of us while creating a stimulating group environment. Thanks to Jana’s classes, I was able to workout throughout my pregnancy and maintain my shape and on top of this get back to the post-natal class a few weeks after the birth of my baby girl. Thank you and cant wait to join the class for my second pregnancy.

– Dominique Seigneur / Pre and post-natal classes

I took Jana’s prenatal fitness classes and followed by the mama baby class. This was an extraordinary experience because I was able to stay in shape during my pregnancy and get back quickly after having my baby. Jana’s classes also enabled me to meet friends that I was able to share my maternity leave with.

– Emilie Proulx / Prenatal Classes

Jana’s prenatal and mama baby fitness classes allowed me to recuperate much quicker after having my baby. On top of this, I was able to make many rewarding friendships!

– Josee Anne Derome / Pre and Post-natal Classes

The Mama Baby classes my son and I took at Studio Vie were a highlight of my maternity leave for both of us.  The classes not only gave me a great workout to whip my post baby body into shape, it also provided us with a space to meet other mothers and babies, as well as an interactive activity for my baby and I to do together.  Jana is a fantastic instructor who pays special attention to individual needs, be it injury-based or baby-related, and who has a great way with the babies as well.  I recommend this class to everyone!!!

I met Jana through her Mum and Baby class after my second son was born, and owe her a sincere debt of gratitude. Her enthusiasm, support, knowledge and drive helped push me to achieve my fitness goals—I lost nearly 30 lbs and got moving again after suffering with chronic sciatica for a number of years. Her personalized attention and focus helped me manage and improve my chronic pain. She made fitness plans tailored to my needs and follows up with me to check on my progress. Her talent and knowledge in physical training and nutrition inspired me to become more active and take better care of my body. I’ve kept off the weight I lost and I feel very lucky to have found her. Keep up the good work, Jana!

Thanks to Jana’s fun and inviting classes, I became stronger and more fit than I ever was before my pregnancies!!  Getting back into shape after a baby is not easy, but Jana’s holistic and safe approach to fitness makes it go smoothly!  And being able to bring your little one makes it super convinient to get your workout in!  It’s also a great way to meet other moms and make a few friends along the way 🙂

The Mama Baby classes saved me during those winter months being stuck in the house!  I’ve been hooked ever since, 4 years later!!